Hurricane Sandy’s Impact

Hurricane Sandy Damage

Hurricane Sandy Damage


On October 29, 2012 Hurricane Sandy made landfall in Brigantine, NJ, just northeast of Atlantic City. The impact of Sandy was felt in 24 states, and my home state of New Jersey was changed forever. At it’s worse over 2.6 million people were without power, and we have all seen the images of gas lines, and the devastation on the shore. However, it was what most people didn’t see that had a material impact on me.

For thousands of NJ students, school is the only source of a nutritious meal, and through the Federal Lunch Program it is the only daily meal for many of these kids.The urgency to get the schools reopened was critical, but at the time I didn’t realize how important it was to combat hunger.

We were all impacted by Sandy, and even today, two years later, while many have rebuilt, there are still plenty of my fellow residents who continue to struggle with housing and repairs. Each month, members of my church go into communities to help repair and rebuild.

This site was developed to do a small part by helping fellow students and those in need get a meal on the weekends.


We can all do a little goodness.